Okinawa's martial legacy

Ittoshinkan Karate-jutsu is a modern interpretation of the classical Okinawan combative tradition of Karate, rather than focusing solely on competitive outcomes, our emphasis is upon the practical self-defence applications embodied in the traditional practise of kata, which are supported by strong percussive impact methods coupled with an underpinning knowledge of Kansetsu-waza [Joint-Manipulation], Shime-waza [Chokes & Strangulations], Nage-waza [Throws & Takedowns] and Ne-waza [Ground-fighting]. 

Ittoshinkan Karate-jutsu's chief focus is on two-person based practise, which honours tradition, and develops high moral and ethical standards in every student. It prepares them to face the realities of violence in today’s society by better equipping them with tried and proven tools needed to defend themselves and their loved ones.