The Japanese art of combat

Jujutsu is the Japanese term that refers to a variety of unarmed martial practices. It is most often known for its techniques for joint manipulation, throwing and ground wrestling.

The jujutsu method taught through the Itto Shin Kan reflects a variety of ancient and modern traditions, including Yoshinkan Aikido, Kodokan Judo and Brazilian Ju-jutsu. Sadly, today there is too much emphasis on staying on the ground and playing the 'game', focusing on submissions; something more engineered towards competitive success. Whereas at Itto Shin Kan our approach is simple; learn to survive the assault, control and gain dominance over your opponent, submit only if appropriate to do so, and maneuver back to your feet as quickly as possible to a safer position.

All techniques included in the curriculum are those that have proven most effective in varying situations [street & competition], and work against opponents of differing size and strength, in short, they will work on anyone. Students learn and progress through various ranges of combat including; the stand-up clinch, throws and takedowns, restraint techniques, escapes, submissions, ground n pound and No-Gi grappling.

Underpinned with strong etiquette and focus on developing high moral standards in our students

 Jujutsu Keizu [Lineage]

Jujutsu Keizu [Lineage]