Membership Packages

Annual Membership (in Australian dollars)

General Membership $75

Student Membership $50

Youth (Under 16)         $25

Some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Quarterly instructional videos

  • Discounted seminars fees when hosting Instructors

  • Discounted online courses and interactive online course

  • Grading and Accreditation opportunity in several Martial Art Systems

  • Opportunity to train in several Arts including: Arnis, Bujutsu, Jujustu, karate Jutsu, Kombative Core and Clasical / Modern Kobudo

  • Children’s interactive Apps on subjects such as bullying that you can download at a moderate fee. In addition, an Instructor’s guide can be provided to interrelate these lessons into your class.

Please contact our Admin to receive membership info at mailto: or call (+61 430 545 725). This is an Australian number.