ITSK Bujutsu

Where the authentic art meets street MMA

Itto Shin Kan Bujutsu is a systematic approach to personal protection that utilises impacting, twisting joints, throwing, grappling, and nerve strikes to overcome an opponent. 

Bujutsu places an emphasis on the application of technique rather than the pursuit of technique in isolation. It is a combative system designed by and for warriors for self-protection and the protection of others. It is a comprehensive approach that uses an evidenced based method to develop practical skills with respect to real-world civilian or battlefield situations.


I have had the privilege of living all around the world and studying for extended periods of time under internationally recognised Martial Art Masters as well as serving in the military —particularly in the French Foreign Legion, and being employed to provide private security in Manila, Africa, North America and East Asia. 

It is clear that today’s street fighter is not the same opportunistic mugger of yesterday that harassed our parents’ generation.  The modern assailant is less ethical and better technically trained. They are inclined to ambush, use weapons or fight in packs. ITSK Bujutsu is developed to address these scenarios and progressively increases your skills both as a fighter and a martial artist.  

Our students describe our Bujutsu as developing strong ‘Core fighting skills’ while also becoming a better well-rounded martial artist. For instance, the ‘ground game’ has become synonymous with martial arts since the increased popularity of MMA and BJJ. As a result, many more real world encounters are requiring an effective response to this outside of the sporting context. Our approach is direct, functional and practical. At a deeper level, our strategies involve the principles of hard and soft force, flowing and redirection of movement/energy, breath, and mindset. 

ITSK Bujutsu also covers a wide range of wooden, bladed and piercing weapons. This is derived from direct study of swordsmanship in Japan, and being the chief instructor for many years for Great Grand Master Ernesto Presas. 

Our systems reflects decades of practical and practiced application and offers a unique opportunity to learn cutting edge combative approaches to effectively deal with today’s threats.