Modern Arnis — Presas Style Kombatan

The Philippines art of cane and dagger

Arnis is a martial art indigenous to the Philippines archipelago.  Its approach to training is very different when compared with most contemporary fighting arts as weapons are taught before developing empty hands skills. However, like any complete system, the principles of movement and striking are the same regardless of the mode.

Students are first introduced to the rattan canes— both single and double. These are devastating and extremely fast weapons in the hands of a proficient Arnisador. The mechanics of their use is directly applied to other weapons such as blades or machete.

Other weapons such as the knife are learned once a foundation is built.   The learner first trains fundamental knife principles and knife to knife, to become familiar with what can be a very scary weapon before even developing skills in relation to empty hand defence against the knife.

Although many modern martial arts are based upon philosophy, Arnis is not.  It is based on immutable principles tried and tested in real combat.  There are a multitude of styles and systems— as numerous as the many islands that make up that archipelago. We practice Presas family style Arnis. An amalgamation of the old school classic styles into a modern Arnis system, more specifically the tradition of GGM Ernesto Presas Senior.

 Arnis Lineage Chart

Arnis Lineage Chart